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All About Me

Where do I start? I have 4 main passions: my family, walking my two boxer dogs, travelling and golf.

This is me aged 4, living in Scotland and where my love of hills, streams and walking started. I would always be found bare footed paddling in the streams - this has not stopped at the age of 59 but now I do it with the Grandchildren. Although after a fall walking down the cascade at Chatsworth House with my eldest granddaughter 3 years ago, which resulted in 3 fractures in my ankle I am much more careful and I tend to wear walking boots!

Now the children have grown up our boxer dogs are our babies; Millie is 10 and Molly 5. I love taking them on walking holidays and

exploring our country. Millie is getting a bit old so I have a pram

for her but Molly can walk for miles and loves the water.

My love for South Africa started when we visited the country for our son's wedding. We now go every year for a month in February, when we are fed up of the winter over here but it's their summer. Golf is a big part of my husband (Jez) and my life and the courses in South Africa are amazing.

Follow me on my adventures through the blog.

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